The Cyber Syren’s Musings

 Are You Safe Online?

According to a recent study released by IBM, 95 percent of all online hacks are caused by human error.

Many of these are successful cyber attacks from hackers who prey on human weakness in order to lure individuals, kids, or business employees to unwittingly provide them with access to systems or sensitive information. Our newsletter is designed to help the average person recognize and avoid these cyber threats.

The Cyber Syren will soon be launching a new and improved podcast and Youtube channel dedicated to keep YOU safe from Cyber Threats!


“The use of the Internet for criminal purposes is one of the most critical challenges facingthe FBI and law enforcement in general. Understanding and using the Internet to combat Internet fraud is essential for law enforcement. The fraud being committed over the Internet is the sametype of white collar fraud the FBI has traditionally investigated but poses additional concerns and challenges because of the new environment in which it is located.”

Thomas T. Kubie, Deputy Assistant Director, FBI