Home Checkup

Our Home Cyber Defense Checkup is available online or can be downloaded to your computer!

With Our Home Cyber Defense Self-Checkup you will:

– Find out if your Wifi is secure and if anyone outside your home has accessed it.

– Determine if your home computers been infected by malware or adware and to clean them.

– Learn how to keep Hackers out of your accounts.

– Protect and secure your mobile devices from threats.

– Get detailed steps how to search & protect your online reputation and prevent identity theft.

– Receive instructions for your children to keep them safe online.

PLUS: Our “Where the Dangers Lie” segments will explain exactly how the Hackers get into your WiFi Network, Computers, Mobile Devices, and Social Media Sites with explanations of how to recognize and prevent these types of Cyber Attacks.

All the software & programs recommended in your checkup for the discovery, prevention and fix of the above issues are available using links in the online version. You will also have access to all updates and new information added to the checkup!!!

You may download your Home Defense Checkup as a PDF document by clicking on the following Button or simply perform the checkup using the links below to each checkup (which includes many active links for further explanation and instructions). 

Please note that the PDF version is 46 pages in length.


Your Home Cyber Defense™ Checkup:

Click on the following Checkups to Access the Information:

Checkup 1: Your Network

Checkup 2: Your Computers

Checkup 3: Passwords

Checkup 4: Mobile Devices

Checkup 5: Online Safety

The suggestions included in this checkup are a compilation of personal cyber security information from Microsoft, Apple, Google, and the Department of Homeland Security. By following these recommendations, you should have a reasonable expectation of staying safe while online at your home, however, there is no absolute guarantee that anything can make you 100% safe from hackers. As new information or recommendations are released this checkup will be updated. For any questions please contact us at [email protected].

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