Indicate whether​ classical, empirical, or subjective probability should be used to determine each of the following probabilities. (​a) The probability that there will be at least 19 tropical storms this summer. ​(b) The probability that the next roll of a fair die will land on the one. ​(c) The probability that a company's new product will succeed. ​(d) The probability that the ticket 6 3 8 9 5 will win the lottery

Accepted Solution

Answer:a) Empirical probabilityb) Classical probability c) Subjective probability d)Classical probabilityStep-by-step explanation:First at all, lets clarify every concept.Classical probability: is calculated based on theoretical concepts without actually conducting the experiment.Empirical probability: Is calculated after conducting the experiment with. It is based on observation.Subjective probability: It is derived from an individual's personal judgement or own experience.a) Empirical probability= It is based on past data, obtained from numbers of storms registered in past summers.b) Classical probability = We know the number of faces in a die, based on it we can calculate the probability without making the experiment.c) Subjective probability = We have no data about it. The probability is just a guess or an opinion.d)Classical probability = Same as b). As the total numbers in the lottery are known and based on it we can calculate the probability of win the lottery with any ticket.