19) Amanda has $5200 in a savings account that earns 4% annually. If the interest is not compounded, what is the value of her account in 5 years?

Accepted Solution

Hello! If the interest isn't compounded, then it's simple interest. The formula for simple interest is prt. That means you multiply the principal (initial amount) by the rate (percentage rate) by the time (could be in months or years). For this question, the principal is 5,200 and the interest is 4%. We multiply those numbers together. 5,200 * 4% (0.04)Β  208. That's $208 earned in interest each year. Now, to find the amount of interest earned in 5 years, we multiply the amount of interest by 5. 208 * 5 is 1,040. Now, let's add that into the principal. 1,040 + 5200 is 6,240. There. Amanda's account is $6,240 in 5 years.