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Cyber Alerts consists of unclassified information released through the FBI’s Infragard Task Force and online sources on cyber security.

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Alert Issued 12/20/18 Is it Safer to use a Phone or Computer for Online Banking?

Alert Issued 12/19/18 Family on Edge after Man Hacks Nest Baby Monitor

Alert Issued 12/18/18 Why Email Phishing Persists

Alert Issued 12/17/18 Facebook Faces another Privacy Scandal

Alert Issued 12/16/18 Operation Sharpshooter Uses Fileless Malware to Attack Global Infrastructure

Alert Issued 12/14/18 Marriott Data Breach Is Traced to Chinese Hackers as U.S. Readies Crackdown on Beijing

Alert Issued 12/14/18 30 Percent of Healthcare Databases are Exposed Online

Alert Issued 12/11/18 Chrome 71 is Out with Several Security Changes

Alert Issued 12/10/18 Marriott Looking at China in Data Breach

Alert Issued 12/6/18 App Store Scammers are using Touch ID Tricks to Steal Money

Alert Issued 12/5/18 Quora Hit by Data Breach Affecting 100 Million Users

Alert Issued 12/4/18 Hacker hijacks 50,000 printers to tell people to subscribe to PewDiePie

Alert Issued 12/3/18 Wi-Fi Calling Services on AT&T, T-Mobile US, Verizon are Insecure

Alert Issued 12/3/18 Marriott’s Starwood Database Hacked, 500 Million Guests may be Affected

Alert Issued 11/29/18 U.S. Secret Service Kickstarts Operation Targeting Gas Station Card Skimmers

Alert Issued 11/28/18 Half of Phishing Sites Trick you into Thinking They’re Secure

Alert Issued 11/26/18 Company Says Its Software Allows Anyone to Hack into an iPhone

Alert Issued 11/23/18 USPS Site Exposed Data on 60 Million Users

Alert Issued 11/23/18 Most Employees Unaware of Travel Security Threats

Alert Issued 11/21/18 Instagram Exposes Passwords Stored in Plain Text

Alert Issued 11/21/18 Hackers Cram Make-A-Wish Website with Coin-Mining Malware

Alert Issued 11/20/18 Data Leak Incident Reported by Fortune 500 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Alert Issued 11/20/18 85 Percent of ATMs Can Be Hacked in Under 15 Minutes via Network

Alert Issued 11/19/18 Phishing Works!

Alert Issued 11/16/18 Fixed Facebook Privacy Bug Could Have Allowed Bad Actors to Steal Personal Info

Alert Issued 11/15/18 Florida Department of Health Breached, Patients’ Private Information Exposed

Alert Issued 11/14/18 3.6 Billion Records Exposed in Data Breaches Until the End September 2018

Alert Issued 11/14/18 Google Went Down after Traffic was Routed through China and Russia

Alert Issued 11/13/18 Does Wiping your iPhone Count as Destroying Evidence?

Alert Issued 11/9/18 Windows 10 May Expose App History for Local Accounts

Alert Issued 11/8/18 HSBC Bank Breached Again, Suspends Online Access to Affected Accounts

Alert Issued 11/7/18 Apple’s New Laptops Disconnect the Microphone when you Close the Lid

Alert Issued 11/6/18 Private Facebook Data from 81,000 Accounts Discovered on Crime Forum

Alert Issued 11/5/18 Senators Tell Facebook to Fix the Bugs in its Political Ad System

Alert Issued 11/2/18 Most impersonated brands in email attacks? Microsoft and Amazon

Alert Issued 11/2/18 How to Delete Your Google Search History

Alert Issued 11/1/18 Radisson Hotel Group Fesses up to Security Incident

Alert Issued 10/31/18 Windows 10 UWP Bug Lets Hackers Access All Your Files

Alert Issued 10/30/18 53 Percent of All SMBs Experienced at Least a Security Breach in the Last Year

Alert Issued 10/30/18 New Techniques Expose your Browsing History to Attackers

Alert Issued 10/29/18 Civil Servant Who Watched Porn at Work Infected a US Government Network with Malware

Alert Issued 10/26/18 Banking Trojans Continue to Surface on Google Play

Alert Issued 10/25/18 Security Breach Leaks Info for 75,000 People

Alert Issued 10/25/18 Critical Infrastructure & Supply Chain Remain Highly Vulnerable to Attacks

Alert Issued 10/23/18 IT and Security Professionals Unprepared for Windows 7 End of Life

Alert Issued 10/22/18 Windows 10 File-Wiping Bug: What Happens if you’re Affected?

Alert Issued 10/18/18 New iOS Passcode Bypass Allows Viewing and Sharing Photos from Locked iPhones

Alert Issued 10/18/18 How Hackers Can Ransom your Files for Hundreds of Dollars

Alert Issued 10/17/18 Malware Lands on the Windows 10 Store Disguised as Google App

Alert Issued 10/16/18 Medical Device Maker Medtronic Finally Fixes its Hackable Pacemaker

Alert Issued 10/15/18 This Malware Pretends to Be a Flash Update But Is Really Mining Cryptocurrency

Alert Issued 10/13/18 Facebook Data Breach: Victims will not be Offered Free Identity Theft Protection

Alert Issued 10/12/18 Google+ to Shut Down Following Bug that Exposed 500K Profiles

Alert Issued 10/11/18 World’s Largest CCTV Maker Leaves at Least 9 Million Cameras Open to Public Viewing

Alert Issued 10/11/18 Microsoft Yanks the Document-Destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Alert Issued 10/10/18 Health Websites Routinely Share your Activity with 57 Third-Parties

Alert Issued 10/9/18 Haven’t Updated your Adobe PDF Software Lately? Here’s 85 New Reasons to Do it Now

Alert Issued 10/8/18 Facebook Scam Message tries to Trick People into Thinking their Account has been Cloned with Fake Friend Requests

Alert Issued 10/4/18 Cheap Android Phones and Poor Quality Control Leads to Malware Surprise

Alert Issued 10/3/18 New Phishing Campaign Targets US Employees’ Online Payrolls

Alert Issued 10/3/18 Study Finds 83 Percent of Home Routers are Vulnerable to Attacks

Alert Issued 10/2/18 Why Nearly 50% of Organizations are Failing at Password Security

Alert Issued 10/1/18 You Gave your Number to Facebook for Security and It Used It for Ads

Alert Issued 9/28/18 Uber Will Pay $148 Million for 2016 Data Breach Cover-up

Alert Issued 9/28/18 Social Engineering Attacks Skyrocket More than 500 Percent

Alert Issued 9/27/18 Secret Service Warns of Surge in ATM ‘Wiretapping’ Attacks

Alert Issued 9/26/18 Google to give Chrome Users an Opt-out to Forced Login after Privacy Backlash

Alert Issued 9/25/18 With USB-C, Even Plugging in Can Set You Up to be Hacked

Alert Issued 9/25/18 Google Secretly Logs Users into Chrome Whenever They Log into a Google Site

Alert Issued 9/24/18 Twitter Bug May Have Exposed Direct Messages

Alert Issued 9/22/18 Homebuyers Being Targeted by Money Transfer Scam

Alert Issued 9/21/18 US Senate, Staff Targeted by State-Backed Hackers

Alert Issued 9/20/18 Hackers have Planted Credit Card Stealing Malware on Local Government Payment Sites

Alert Issued 9/19/18 State Department Confirms Data Breach Exposed Employee Data

Alert Issued 9/17/18 A New CSS-based Web Attack will Crash and Restart your iPhone

Alert Issued 9/17/18 Microsoft Office is More Dangerous than you Think: Docs Deliver 45% of All Malware

Alert Issued 9/14/18 Solid Password Practice on Capital One’s Site? Don’t Bank on It

Alert Issued 9/13/18 Security Flaw in Nearly All Modern PCs and Macs Exposes Encrypted Data

Alert Issued 9/12/18 Phished Credentials Caused Twice as Many Breaches than Malware in the Past Year

Alert Issued 9/12/18 Vizio to Send Class Notices Through the TVs That Spied on Viewers

Alert Issued 911/18 Data Management Firm Exposes 445 Million Records

Alert Issued 9/10/18 1 in 5 Employees Share Their Email Passwords with Coworkers

Alert Issued 9/7/18 Google Cracks Down on Dodgy Tech Support Ads

Alert Issued 9/6/18 Apple Warns of iPhone 8 Hardware Defect

Alert Issued 9/6/18 Hackers Increasingly Target Reputations Through Review Sites

Alert Issued 9/5/18 Google Notifies People Targeted by Secret FBI Investigation

Alert Issued 9/4/18 Smart Home Users Failing on Security Basics

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