Cyber Alerts

Cyber Alerts consists of unclassified information released through the FBI’s Infragard Task Force and other online sources on cyber security.

Our Cyber Alerts page is updated daily and is now accessible to anyone concerned about cyber threats. By signing up for a subscription to our Home Cyber Defense newsletter you will receive a weekly summery of all our Cyber Alerts. Cyber Alerts are kept on this page for 60 days after they are issued.

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Alert Issued 5/25/17: Fake WannaCry Protection Apps Fill Google Play

Alert Issued 5/24/17: Breach of Florida Agency Exposes SSNs and Concealed Weapons License Holders

Alert Issued 5/22/17: ESET Releases Tool to Check If Windows Is Vulnerable to WannaCry

Alert Issued 5/22/17: Windows Defender Not Enough to Block WannaCry on Windows 7

Alert Issued 5/18/17: Researcher Finds Way to Steal Windows Login Credentials via Chrome

Alert Issued 5/16/17: Brooks Brothers Discloses Year-Long Data Breach

Alert Issued 5/15/17: WannaCry Cyberattack Aftershock Feared as U.S. Warns of Its Complexity

Alert Issued 5/14/17: Over 50 Apps in Google Play Infected 55 Million Users with Adware

Alert Issued 5/14/17: HP Laptops and Tablets Shipped with Audio Driver Acting as Keylogger

Alert Issued 5/11/17: Vulnerability Allowed Hackers to Steal iCloud Keychain Secrets

Alert Issued 5/11/17: Microsoft Scrambles to Fix Worst Windows Issue ‘in Recent Memory

Alert Issued 5/11/17: New IoT Malware Spreading Worldwide Infecting Vulnerable Cameras

Alert Issued 5/9/17: Over ONE Billion User Name and Password Combinations found on Web

Alert Issued 5/8/17: Microsoft Edge Bug Displays One Set of Numbers, But Prints Another

Alert Issued 5/5/17: New iCloud Phishing Scam Steals Credit Card Data & Access Device’ Camera

Alert Issued 5/4/17: Warning! Don’t Click that Google Docs Link You Just Received in Your Email

Alert Issued 5/3/17: Schools Among the Most Sought After Cyber Targets

Alert Issued 5/3/17: Windows 10 S Will Not Allow Users to Change the Default Browser

Alert Issued 5/2/17: Businesses Still Using Unsupported Versions of Windows

Alert Issued 4/27/17: Microsoft: Windows 10 Creators Update May Have Bugs – Do Not Install It Manually

Alert Issued 4/26/17: Chipotle Says Its Payments System Was Hacked

Alert Issued 4/26/17: Ransomware Hiding inside Microsoft Word – Protect Yourself

Alert Issued 4/25/17: 25 Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Models Vulnerable to Attacks

Alert Issued 4/25/17: Ashley Madison Blackmail Roars Back to Life

Alert Issued 4/24/17: Your Online Banking Password Might Not Be Secure

Alert Issued 4/20/17: EFF Says Google Chromebooks Are Still Spying on Students

Alert Issued 4/20/17: Holiday Inn Hotel Chain Reveals Malware Attack that Stole Credit Card Info

Alert Issued 4/20/17: Hackers Dump 1.7 Million Snapchat User Data on Dark Web

Alert Issued 4/18/17: Shoney’s Hit By Apparent Credit Card Breach

Alert Issued 4/14/17: Microsoft to Kill Off Original Windows 10 Version on May 9

Alert Issued 4/14/17: The Way You Hold Your Phone Could Get You Hacked

Alert Issued 4/12/17: A Malware Outbreak Is Bricking Insecure Internet Connected Devices

Alert Issued 4/11/17: Microsoft to Kill Off Windows Vista Tomorrow

Alert Issued 4/11/17: Microsoft Zero-Day Attacks See Hackers Target Word Users

Alert Issued 4/10/17: Up to 100,000 Taxpayers Compromised in FAFSA Tool Breach

Alert Issued 4/7/17: IRS Data on Up to 100,000 Taxpayers Compromised in Breach of College Financial-Aid Tool

Alert Issued 4/6/17: Android Users Scammed with Malicious Flash Player App

Alert Issued 4/6/17: Millions Of Smartphones Using Broadcom Wi-Fi Chip Can Be Hacked Over-the-Air

Alert Issued 4/5/17: 3 Steps to Prepare Your PC for Windows 10 Creators Update

Alert Issued 4/5/17: Custom Phishing Attacks Grow as Crooks Create Fake Flight Confirmations, Receipts

Alert Issued 4/4/17: Smart TVs Can Be Hacked by Embedding Code Through Over-The-Air Signals

Alert Issued 4/1/17: Skype Users Hit By Ransomware Through In-App Malicious Ads

Alert Issued 4/1/17: Facial Recognition on Galaxy S8 Can Be Bypassed with a Photo

Alert Issued 3/30/17: Millions of Stolen US University Email Credentials for Sale on the Dark Web

Alert Issued 3/30/17: Apple Devices Attacked with Fake Police Ransomware Scam

Alert Issued 3/29/17: Gift Cards are Being Drained of Funds

Alert Issued 3/28/17: Texas Specialty Practice Warns 200K Patients of Ransomware Attack

Alert Issued 3/24/17: Windows 10 Keylogger: How to Stop Microsoft from Tracking Everything You Type

Alert Issued 3/23/17: Hackers Claim Access to 300 Million iCloud Accounts

Alert Issued 3/23/17: Burglars Can Easily Make Google Nest Security Cameras Stop Recording

Alert Issued 3/21/17: Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Hijack Antivirus Software on Any Windows Version

Alert Issued 3/18/17: Inside the Yahoo Data Breach

Alert Issued 3/18/17: Samsung Leaking Customer Information via Shipper’s Website

Alert Issued 3/16/17: Dun & Bradstreet Database Breached, 33.6M Files Vulnerable

Alert Issued 3/16/17: Dangerous New Gmail Phishing Attack can Easily Steal your Google Login

Alert Issued 3/14/17: Phishing: Would You Fall For One Of These Scam Emails?

Alert Issued 3/13/17: Adobe Flash Player Scam Tricks People into Installing Malware

Alert Issued 3/13/17: 38 Types of New Android Phones and Tablets Pre-installed with Malware

Alert Issued 3/11/17: A Massive Failure that Leaves iPhones & Android Mobiles Open to Tracking

Alert Issued 3/9/17: Secure’ Messaging App Riddled with Security Flaws

Alert Issued 3/8/17: Firefox Kills Plugins – except Flash – and Runs up a Red Flag for HTTP

Alert Issued 3/8/17: Fake Facebook Lite App Infected with Trojan to Steal Users’ Info

Alert Issued 3/7/17: Twitter Vulnerability Allowed Hackers to Access Locked Accounts

Alert Issued 3/3/17: Android Password Manager You Trust Could be Exposing Login Data

Alert Issued 3/3/17: 32 Million Yahoo Accounts Accessed via Cookie Forging Attack

Alert Issued 3/1/17: Cloudpets Toys Leak Kid, Adult User Info, Voice Recordings

Alert Issued 2/28/17: What You Need Know About the Cloudflare Data Leak

Alert Issued 2/27/17: Criminals Devise New Phishing Tactic by Using Stolen iPhones

Alert Issued 2/23/17: New Ransomware Could Poison Your Town’s Water Supply if You Don’t Pay Up

Alert Issued 2/23/17: Swift-based Ransomware Targets MacOS Pirates

Alert Issued 2/23/17: Engineers Exfiltrate Data by Blinking Hard Drives’ LEDs

Alert Issued 2/22/17: 400K Patient Records Lost in January Health Care Breaches

Alert Issued 2/22/17: Bluetooth Enabled My Friend Cayla Doll Creates Security Concerns

Alert Issued 2/22/17: Hackers Behind Bank Attack Campaign Use Russian Decoy

Alert Issued 2/17/17: MD Comptroller’s Office Warns of New W-2 Phishing Scam

Alert Issued 2/16/17: PayPal Users Hit with “Payment Successfully Made Via Ali Express” Phishing Scam

Alert Issued 2/15/17: Stolen Apple IDs can hold your iPhone Hostage

Alert Issued 2/15/17: Microsoft to Kill Off Windows Vista in Less than 60 Days

Alert Issued 2/15/17: One Third of U.S. Companies Breached Last Year

Alert Issued 2/15/17: Toys ‘R’ Us Reward Members Should Change their Passwords Immediately

Alert Issued 2/14/17: Over A Million WordPress Sites Defaced

Alert Issued 2/13/17: Apple Stored Years of Deleted Browser History from iPhones

Alert Issued 2-10-17: Windows Phone Users Hit by Microsoft Account Bug Making Devices Useless

Alert Issued 2-9-17: Macro Malware Comes to MacOS

Alert Issued 2-7-17: Vizio Smart TVs Spied on Millions of Users Without Their Consent

Alert Issued 2-6-17: InterContinental Confirms Breach at 12 Hotels

Alert Issued 2-3-17: IRS: Scam Blends CEO Fraud, W-2 Phishing

Alert Issued 2-3-17: PayPal Users, Beware of Phishing Campaign Trying to Steal Your Identity

Alert Issued 2-2-17: 91% of Phishing Attacks are Display Name Spoofs

Alert Issued 2-2-17: Beware the Blind Spot in Phishing Education

Alert Issued 2-2-17: Hackers Steal 2.5 Million PlayStation and Xbox Players’ Details in Major Breach


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