Cyber Alerts

 Cyber Alerts consists of unclassified information released through the FBI’s Infragard Task Force and online sources on cyber security.

Our Cyber Alerts page is updated daily and is now accessible to anyone concerned about cyber threats. By signing up for a subscription to our Home Cyber Defense newsletter you will receive a weekly summery of all our Cyber Alerts. Cyber Alerts are kept on this page for 60 days after they are issued.

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Alert Issued 1/18/18: iPhone Owners will be able to Disable Power Management Feature

Alert Issued 1/18/18: Google Chrome Extensions with 500,000 Downloads Found to be Malicious

Alert Issued 1/17/18: iPhones Significantly Slowed Down by Spectre Security Update

Alert Issued 1/16/18: Car Hacking a Very Real Threat as Autos become ever more Loaded with Tech

Alert Issued 1/16/18: Windows Users Targeted by Fake Meltdown and Spectre Update

Alert Issued 1/15/18: Outgoing DISA Chief Warns of Looming Cyber Threat

Alert Issued 1/11/18: Microsoft Says Security Fixes will Noticeably Slow Older PCs

Alert Issued 1/10/18: Apple Releases iOS and macOS Updates with a Mitigation for Spectre

Alert Issued 1/9/18: Florida Phishing Attack Exposed Data for 30,000 Medicaid Recipients

Alert Issued 1/7/18: How Big Tech Has Left You in the Dark about Massive CPU Flaws

Alert Issued 1/4/18: Some Apps were Listening to You Through the Smartphone’s Mic

Alert Issued 1/3/18: Shopped in Forever 21? There was Bank-Card-Slurping Malware Their Equipment

Alert Issued I/3 18: Security Flaws Put Virtually All Phones, Computers at Risk

Alert Issued 12/31/17: Windows XP ATM Machine Hacked by Simply Pressing Shift Five Times in a Row

Alert Issued 12/31/17: Hacking public Wi-Fi, How You are At Risk

Alert Issued 12/27/17: Data on 123 Million US Households Exposed


Alert Issued 12/21/17: Your Data is being Grabbed by Web ‘Trackers’

Alert Issued 12/21/17: Apple Says Slower Performance of Older iPhones is Intentional

Alert Issued 12/20/17: Windows 10 Hello Face Recognition can be Fooled with Photos

Alert Issued 12/19/17: Loapi Malware Capable of Destroying Android Phones

Alert Issued 12/18/17: 19 Million California Voter Records Hacked, Held In Bitcoin Ransom

Alert Issued 12/15/17: AT&T’s DirecTV Kit has a Root Hole – and No One wants to Patch It

Alert Issued 12/14/17: New Spider Ransomware Threatens to Delete your Files if you don’t Pay within 96 Hours

Alert Issued 12/13/17: House Passes Homeland Security Cyber Overhaul Bill

Alert Issued 12/12/17: Don’t Use a Fake iPhone Charger If You Don’t Want to Burn Down the House

Alert Issued 12/11/17: Microsoft Releases Emergency Windows Patch for Flaw in Malware Protection Engine

Alert Issued 12/11/17: Hackers Hit Key ATM Network In Crime Spree That Clears $10 Million

Alert Issued 12/8/17: HP Laptops Found to have Hidden Keylogger

Alert Issued 12/6/17: PayPal’s Newly Acquired Unit TIO Networks Suffers Data Breach

Alert Issued 12/5/17: Google to Crack Down on Apps that Snoop

Alert Issued 12/4/17: Phishers Target PayPal Users with Fake Failed Transaction Emails

Alert Issued 11/30/17: Phishing Thieves Target School Paychecks

Alert Issued 11/30/17: 26% of Ransomware Attacks Target Business Users

Alert Issued 11/29/17: Google Detects New Android Malware That Can Spy on Users

Alert Issued 11/27/17: Have You Been Fooled by Russian Propaganda?

Alert Issued 11/23/17: Hackers Are Using Uber’s 57 Million Account Data Breach to Steal Passwords

Alert Issued 11/22/17: Uber’s Concealed Data Breach Affects 57 Million Users

Alert Issued 11/21/17: Crooks Sending Fake Apple Emails in Order to Unlock Stolen iPhones

Alert Issued 11/20/17: Windows Update Breaks Elderly Printers

Alert Issued 11/16/17: Crooks Sending Fake Apple Emails in Order to Unlock Stolen iPhones

Alert Issued 11/16/17: Forever 21 Warns Customers of Possible Data Breach

Alert Issued 11/15/17: New Ransomware Attacks: LockCrypt Emerges From Satan’s Shadow

Alert Issued 11/15/17: New IcedID Trojan Targets US Banks

Alert Issued 11/10/17: Locky Ransomware Used to Target Hospitals

Alert Issued 11/9/17: Two Banking Trojans That Can Plunder Your Accounts Are On the Rise

Alert Issued 11/8/17: Hundreds of School Websites Redirected Pro-ISIS Web Page

Alert Issued 11/7/17: Comcast’s Nationwide Outage was Caused by a Configuration Error

Alert Issued 11/6/17: New ‘Marcher’ Malware Attacks Android Users’ Banking Accounts

Alert Issued 11/2/17: Group Uses SEO to Poison Google Search Results With Links to Banking Trojan

Alert Issued 11/1/17: New Trojan ‘Silence’ Uses Stealth to Attack Banks

Alert Issued 10/28/17: Removal Attempt Turns Android Banking Trojan Into Ransomware

Alert Issued 10/26/17: Data Breaches Rose By 164% in First Half Of 2017

Alert Issued 10/26/17: Kaspersky Says NSA Hacking Tools Obtained After Malware Was Found

Alert Issued 10/25/17: Microsoft Adds Ransomware Defense with New Windows Update

Alert Issued 10/24/17: No Patches for Vulnerabilities in Linksys Wireless Routers

Alert Issued 10/23/17: Reaper Botnet Has Come For The Internet

Alert Issued 10/20/17: We Heart It Breached, 8 Million Affected

Alert Issued 10/20/17: Security Flaws in Children’s Smartwatches Make Them Vulnerable to Hackers

Alert Issued 10/19/17: Dangerous Malware Allows Anyone to Empty ATMs

Alert Issued 10/19/17: A Complex Mac Virus That May Signal the Shape of Tomorrow’s Malware

Alert Issued 10/17/17: Pizza Hut Serves Up A Slice Of Data Breach

Alert Issued 10/16/17: Wi-Fi Security Has Been Breached

Alert Issued 10/16/17: Hundreds of Fake iPhone Accounts Spread Social Scams

Alert Issued 10/12/17: T-Mobile Customer Data Plundered

Alert Issued 10/11/17: North Korea Targeted U.S. Electric Power Companies

Alert Issued 10/10/17: This Cheap and Nasty Malware Wants to Steal Your Data


Alert Issued 10/5/17: Drive-In Chain Sonic Says Payment Cards Possibly Hacked

Alert Issued 10/5/17: All 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Were Affected By 2013 Attack

Alert Issued 10/3/17: Ransomware Attack Affects Data Of 128,000 Patients

Alert Issued 10/2/17: Patch your Android – It has Up to 14 Nasty Flaws to Fix

Alert Issued 9/28/17: Nasty Password-Pilfering Hack Ruins Apple macOS High Sierra Launch

Alert Issued 9/27/17: Major Accounting Firm Deloitte Reports Extensive Cybersecurity Breach

Alert Issued 9/26/17: There’s a New Email Scam Hitting Netflix Users

Alert Issued 9/26/17: iOS 11’s Control Center Buttons Don’t Actually Turn Off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Alert Issued 9/25/17: Senators Worry Troops Could Fall Victim to Fraud in Wake of Equifax Hack

Alert Issued 9/21/17: For Weeks, Equifax Customer Service has been Directing Victims to a Fake Phishing Site

Alert Issued 9/21/17: Securities and Exchange Commission Reveals 2016 Hack that Breached its Filing System

Alert Issued 9/20/17: Phishing: These are the Days of the Week When You’re Most at Risk

Alert Issued 9/19/17: Twitter Removed 299,649 Accounts Tied to Terrorism in the First Half of 2017

Alert Issued 9/19/17: Trump Orders Removal Of Kaspersky Products From Federal Systems

Alert Issued 9/17/17: Securities and Exchange Commission Reveals 2016 Hack that Breached its Filing System 

Alert Issued 9/14/17: New Bluetooth Vulnerability can Hack a Phone in 10 Seconds

Alert Issued 9/13/17: Equifax Blames Open-Source Software for its Record-Breaking Security Breach

Alert Issued 9/7/17: A Simple Design Flaw Makes It Astoundingly Easy To Hack Siri and Alexa

Alert Issued 9/6/17: 6 Million Instagram Accounts Hacked: How to Protect Yourself

Alert Issued 9/5/17: Router Flaws Put AT&T Customers at Hacking Risk

Alert Issued 8/30/17: DHS Warns of Harvey Cyber Scams

Alert Issued 8/29/17: Google Pulls 300 Android apps Used for DDoS Attacks

Alert Issued 8/25/17: Facebook Messenger user? Watch Out for Fake Messages Rigged with Malware

 Alert Issued 8/25/17: White House Advisors Warn Of Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

Alert Issued 8/24/17: A New Email Phishing Scam Might be Making the Rounds

Alert Issued 8/24/17: Business Email Compromise Campaign Harvesting Credentials in Numerous Industries

Alert Issued 8/23/17: The Number of Income Tax Related Scams Quadrupled

Alert Issued 8/23/17: Flaw in LinkedIn Messenger Could Harbour Malware

Alert Issued 8/22/17: PlayStation Social Media Accounts Briefly Hacked

Alert Issued 8/21/17: Replacement Touch Screens Found Embedded with a Malicious Chip

Alert Issued 8/19/17: FBI Reportedly Advising Companies to Ditch KASPERSKY Apps

Alert Issued 8/18/17: SyncCrypt Ransomware Able To Sneak Past Most Antivirus Defenses 

Alert Issued 8/17/17: Two Dangerous Ransomwares Are Back – Protect Your Computers

Alert Issued 8/15/17: Update Gone Wrong Leaves 500 Smart Locks Inoperable

Alert Issued 8/14/17: Facebook Password Stealing Software

Alert Issued 8/11/17: US Court System Bug Opened Hole for Hackers to Scoop Up Legal Docs for Free on Victims’ Dime

Alert Issued 8/10/17: ‘Critical’ Windows Bug Squashed by Microsoft in Patch Tuesday Update

Alert Issued 8/10/17: Disney Apps Spying on Children, Lawsuit Claims

Alert Issued 8/8/17: Hackers Could Exploit Solar Power Equipment Flaws to Cripple Green Grids

Alert Issued 8/7/17: Another Popular Chrome Extension Hijacked through Phishing

Alert Issued 8/7/17: 306 Million Passwords You Should Never Use

Alert Issued 8/4/17: Hackers are Aggressively Targeting Law Firms’ Data

Alert Issued 8/4/17: Say What? Amazon Echo’s Smart Speaker can be Hacked

Alert Issued 8/3/17: Ransomware Shuts Down 1 in 5 Small Businesses After it Hits

Alert Issued 8/2/17: Facebook Shuts Down Robots After They Invent Their Own Language

Alert Issued 7/31/17: Employees Working While on Holiday Open Organizations to Security Risks

Alert Issued 7/26/17: Voter Registration Data from 9 States Available for Sale on Dark Web

Alert Issued 7/26/17: Adobe is Ending Development and Support for Flash in 2020

Alert Issued 7/24/17: Apple Warns Cyber Threat Could Wipe Out iPhones, Issues Fix

Alert Issued 7/24/17: Bank of America Customers Under Attack, Phishing Site Hosted on Russian Server

Alert Issued 7/24/17: Wells Fargo Accidentally Leaks 50,000 Clients’ Records

Alert Issued 7/22/17: Over 5 Million Social Security Numbers Exposed in Kansas Breach

Alert Issued 7/21/17: New Malware Takes Over your Smartphone Camera by Posing as a Popular App

Alert Issued 7/20/17: Google Adds Security Features to Help Block Unverified Apps

Alert Issued 7/19/17: The FBI Alerts Parents to Dangers of Internet of Thing Toys

Alert Issued 7/18/17: FedEx: Systems May Never Fully Recover After Petya Cyber-Attack

Alert Issued 7/17/17: Facebook Users Pwnd by Phone with Account Recovery Vulnerability

Alert Issued 7/17/17: $7 Malware Allows Anyone to Become a Hacker Overnight

Alert Issued 7/13/17: Verizon Partner Data Breach Exposes Millions of Customer Records

Alert Issued 7/12/17: Adobe Flash Player Users Should Update Their Software NOW

Alert Issued 7/11/17: Data Breach hits California Association of Realtors

Alert Issued 7/11/17: Three Million Wrestling Fans at Risk after WWE Leaves Database Unprotected

Alert Issued 7/10/17: 2017 Data Breaches Nearly 30% Higher Than 2016’s Record Pace

Alert Issued 7/10/17: CopyCat malware infected 14 million outdated Android devices

Alert Issued 7/7/17: Sabre Says Stolen Credentials Led to Breach

Alert Issued 7/6/17: Google Employee Data Exposed After Hackers Break into Travel Agency Software

Alert Issued 7/6/17: Windows 10 Will Use Protected Folders to Thwart Crypto Ransomware

Alert Issued 7/4/17: U.S. Senators Seek Military Ban on Kaspersky Lab Products Amid FBI Probe


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