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Cyber Alerts consists of information released through the FBI’s Infragard Task Force on cyber security and classified TLP:White (can be distributed to the public without restriction).

Our Cyber Alerts page is updated daily and is now accessible to anyone concerned about cyber threats. By signing up for a subscription to our Home Cyber Defense newsletter you will receive a weekly summery of all our Cyber Alerts. Cyber Alerts are kept on this page for 60 days after they are issued.

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Please note that you may share this information with friends and family, but do not post it to any open social media forums. 

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Alert Issued 2/17/17: MD Comptroller’s Office Warns of New W-2 Phishing Scam

Alert Issued 2/16/17: PayPal Users Hit with “Payment Successfully Made Via Ali Express” Phishing Scam

Alert Issued 2/15/17: Stolen Apple IDs can hold your iPhone Hostage

Alert Issued 2/15/17: Microsoft to Kill Off Windows Vista in Less than 60 Days

Alert Issued 2/15/17: One Third of U.S. Companies Breached Last Year

Alert Issued 2/15/17: Toys ‘R’ Us Reward Members Should Change their Passwords Immediately

Alert Issued 2/14/17: Over A Million WordPress Sites Defaced

Alert Issued 2/13/17: Apple Stored Years of Deleted Browser History from iPhones

Alert Issued 2-10-17: Windows Phone Users Hit by Microsoft Account Bug Making Devices Useless

Alert Issued 2-9-17: Macro Malware Comes to MacOS

Alert Issued 2-7-17: Vizio Smart TVs Spied on Millions of Users Without Their Consent

Alert Issued 2-6-17: InterContinental Confirms Breach at 12 Hotels

Alert Issued 2-3-17: IRS: Scam Blends CEO Fraud, W-2 Phishing

Alert Issued 2-3-17: PayPal Users, Beware of Phishing Campaign Trying to Steal Your Identity

Alert Issued 2-2-17: 91% of Phishing Attacks are Display Name Spoofs

Alert Issued 2-2-17: Beware the Blind Spot in Phishing Education

Alert Issued 2-2-17: Hackers Steal 2.5 Million PlayStation and Xbox Players’ Details in Major Breach

Alert Issued 1-31-17: Hackers Hold Entire Hotel for Ransom, Trap Guests in Rooms

Alert Issued 1-30-17: New Credit Card Skimmers Are Virtually Undetectable When Stealing Your Credit Card Info

Alert Issued 1-27-17: Massive Networks of Fake Accounts Found on Twitter

Alert Issued 1-26-17: A Vulnerability Found in Cisco WebEx Browser Extensions

Alert Issued 1-25-17: DDoS Attacks Growing Faster in Size, Complexity

Alert Issued 1-23-17: Android Users Under Attack From Banking Malware

Alert Issued 1-19-17: New Chrome Malware Scam

Alert Issued 1-18-17: This Simple Phishing Attack Can Steal Your Browser Autofill Data

Alert Issued 1-18-17: Ransomware: Should You Pay Up?

Alert Issued 1-17-17: McDonald’s Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Steal Users’ Passwords

Alert Issued 1-12-17: Highly Effective Gmail Phishing Technique Now Circulating

Alert Issued 1-12-17: Beware Phishing Scams in Amazon Listings

Alert Issued 1-11-17: Browser Autofill Used to Steal Personal Details in New Phishing Attack

Alert Issued 1-10-17: FTC goes after D-Link for Poor Security in Routers & Cameras

Alert Issued 1-9-17: ESEA Hacked, 1.5 Million Records Leaked After Alleged Failed Extortion Attempt

Alert Issued 1-5-17: More Vulnerabilities Found In Google Android Than Any Other Program In 2016

Alert Issued 1-4-17: Hackers Target Law and Accounting Firms

Alert Issued 1-3-17: Criminals Phish Credit Card Numbers with Twitter Verification Scam

Alert Issued 1-3-17: Watch Out for This Hitman Text Message Scam

Alert Issued 12-27-16: U.S. Healthcare Under Siege

Alert Issued 12-26-16: Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Infected with Malware Sending User Data to China

Alert Issued 12-22-16: iPhone 7 Plus Cameras Turn Black and Stop Working

Alert Issued 12-21-16: This Free App Can Protect You From Ransomware

Alert Issued 12-21-16: Malware Disguises Installer as Windows Save As Dialog Box

Alert Issued 12-19-16: Fake Retail Apps Designed to Steal Personal Information, Money

Alert Issued 12-19-16: Don’t Download and Sideload ‘Super Mario Run’ on an Android Device Unless you Want Malware

Alert Issued 12-14-16: Yahoo Hacked; More Than 1 billion User Accounts Impacted

Alert Issued 12-14-16: Office 365 Business Users Targeted in Phishing Attack

Alert Issued 12-13-16: Microsoft Edge’s Malware Alerts Can Be Faked

Alert Issued 12-13-16: KFC Hacked, 1 Million Users Told to Reset Passwords

Alert Issued 12-13-16: Quest Diagnostics Hacked; 34K Peoples’ Info Obtained

Alert Issued 12-12-16: Phishing Scam Spreading as Fake Package Delivery Notices

Alert Issued 12-12-16: Critical Flaw Opens Netgear Routers to Hijacking

Alert Issued 12-9-16: Text Message Scam Pretends to Offer People Free Gift Vouchers

Alert Issued 12-9-16: Over 400,000 Phishing Sites have been Observed each Month During 2016

Alert Issued 12-8-16: Hospital Cancels Appointments of 2,800 Patients Due to Ransomware Infection

Alert Issued 12-7-16: Beware of This New Phishing Scam That Looks Like an Amazon Email

Alert Issued 12-6-16: Dailymotion Admits Hack Exposed Millions of Accounts

Alert Issued 12-5-16: iTunes Phishing Emails on the Rise

Alert Issued 12-3-16: iPhone 6s Battery Failures Continue, Here is How You Can See if Apple will Replace Your Battery for Free

Alert Issued 12-3-16: 65% Business Hacks Used Compromised Employee Credentials

Alert Issued 12-3-16: E-Cigarettes Are Spreading Malware

Alert Issued 12-2-16: Implantable Medical Devices can be Hacked to Harm Patients

Alert Issued 12-1-16: How to Check if your Google Account is One of the 1 Million Infected with Malware

Alert Issued 11-30-16: Firefox Zero-Day Malware in the Wild. What to Do.

Alert Issued 11-30-16: Windows 10 Upgrade Vulnerability Makes Any PC Super Easy to Hack

Alert Issued 11-28-16: A Quarter of Wi-Fi Hotspots are Unsecured

Alert Issued 11-24-16: New Ponzi Scheme Circulating on Facebook

Alert Issued 11-23-16: U.S. Housing Department Site Leaked Personal Data

Alert Issued 11-22-16: Images on Facebook lead to Locky Ransomware

Alert Issued 11-22-16: Apple has Launched its Second iPhone Repair Program in Less than a Week

Alert Issued 11-22-16: IRS Employees Sent Unencrypted Emails Containing Personal Data of Thousands of Taxpayers

Alert Issued 11-21-16: Michigan State University Hacked, Personal Info, Social Security Numbers Stolen

Alert Issued 11-17-16: 700 Million Smartphones Sending Data to China

Alert Issued 11-17-16: Ransomware Piggybacks on Free Software Downloads

Alert Issued 11-16-16: Hackers Use WiFi-Based Mobile Password Discovery Attack

Alert Issued 11-16-16: Apple Insider Says iPhone 6 Plus Has a Major Bug

Alert Issued 11-15-16: 339 Million AdultFriendFinder Users Hacked

Alert Issued 11-15-16: Broward Health Center Hit by Data Breach

Alert Issued 11-11-16: iPhones Get a Feature to Secretly Call the Police Without Anyone Noticing

Alert Issued 11-10-16: Michigan Utilities Company Hit by Ransomware

Alert Issued 11-8-16: Researcher Discovers Critical Gmail Security Flaw

Alert Issued 11-8-16: Sam’s Club Resets Passwords after Thousands of Logins Posted Online

Alert Issued 11-3-16: Apple Fans Using Chrome Should Be on Alert for Mac Malware

Alert Issued 11-3-16: How Podesta Got Hacked

Alert Issued 11-2-16: Windows 10 Newest Cumulative Update Fails to Install

Alert Issued 11-2-16: Google Finds ‘Serious’ Windows Vulnerability

Alert Issued 11-1-16: Rise In Malware-Infected Sites Accessible Via Search Engines

Alert Issued 10-27-16: Beware Fake Windows BSOD from Tech Support Scammers

Alert Issued 10-25-16: Ransomware Evolving into ‘Doxware’ to Scare Victims into Paying

Alert Issued 10-21-16: Weebly Confirms Data Breach Affecting over 43 Million Users

Alert Issued 10-20-16: Many Consumers Neglect Smartphone Protective Measures

Alert Issued 10-19-16: Microsoft: Half of Tech Support Scam Victims Are Millennials

Alert Issued 10-18-16: Android Banking Trojan Asks Victims to Send Selfies with ID Cards

Alert Issued 10-18-16: Locky Ransomware Accounted for 97 Percent of All Malicious Email Attachments

Alert Issued 10-15-16: Beware of the Student Loan Forgiveness Scam

Alert Issued 10-14-16: Amazon Denies Data Breach Rumors

Alert Issued 10-13-16: Malware Targets Facebook Users

Alert Issued 10-13-16: Hackers Can Listen In on Your Skype Calls

Alert Issued 10-11-16: Samsung Officially Stops Note 7 Sales

Alert Issued 10-8-16: Web-Based Keylogger Used to Steal Credit Card Data from Popular Sites

Alert Issued 10-5-16: Website Flaw Potentially Exposed Charter Communications Customers

Alert Issued 10-4-16: Dropbox Data Hack has Grown to 68 Million Users

Alert Issued 10-4-16: DressCode Malware Infects 400 Apps in Google Play

Alert Issued 10-3-16: Hackers Targeted Election Systems of 20 States


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