Cyber Alerts

Cyber Alerts consists of unclassified information released through the FBI’s Infragard Task Force and online sources on cyber security.

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Alert Issued 3/20/18 Cyber-Crooks Find a New Way to Share Malware

Alert Issued 3/19/18 Google Tricked into Serving Scam Amazon Ads

Alert Issued 3/16/18 Researchers Find 29 Types of USB Attacks, Recommend Never Plugging into a USB You Don’t Own

Alert Issued 3/15/18 POS Malware Found at 160 Applebee’s Restaurant Locations

Alert Issued 3/15/18 Why You Should Never Pay A Ransomware Ransom

Alert Issued 3/15/18 Your Smart Camera may have been Spying on You

Alert Issued 3/14/18 Microsoft Removes Antivirus Restriction Blocking Windows 10 from Getting Updates

Alert Issued 3/13/18 macOS Malware Increased by 270%

Alert Issued 3/11/18 Newest ID Scam Creates Fake People

Alert Issued 3/9/18 Cyber Threats are Coming at Us from All Sides.

Alert Issued 3/7/18 Locked Windows machines Can Be Compromised through Cortana

Alert Issued 3/7/18 Cyber Attacks Becoming No. 1 Business Risk

Alert Issued 3/7/18 Most Top US Higher Ed Institutions Fail to Protect Students from Phishing

Alert Issued 3/5/18 Android Phones Caught Selling with Pre-Installed Factory Malware

Alert Issued 3/2/18 US Carriers Testing Replacement for Two-Factor Authentication

Alert Issued 3/1/18 Popular Cache Utility Exploited for Massive DoS Attacks

Alert Issued 2/27/18 Mobile Banking Trojans Spread Confusion Worldwide

Alert Issued 2/26/18 IRS Warns of Spike in W-2 Phishing Emails

Alert Issued 2/26/18 Crooks Launder Money Using Real (and fake) Amazon Ebooks

Alert Issued 2/22/18 Tot-Monitoring Camera Lets Miscreants Watch 10,000s of Kids Online

Alert Issued 2/21/18 Telugu ‘Text Bomb’ Will Crash Your iPhone in Seconds—Here’s How to Fix It

Alert Issued 2/21/18 Hackers Could Break into Tinder Accounts with Just a Phone Number

Alert Issued 2/20/18 43 Percent of Online Login Attempts Malicious

Alert Issued 2/19/18 Fraudulent Online Vehicle Sales

Alert Issued 2/17/18 120k FedEx Customer Files Spill from AWS S3 Silo

Alert Issued 2/15/18 Skype Can’t Fix a Nasty Security Bug without a Massive Code Rewrite

Alert Issued 2/14/18 Microsoft to add Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection support for Windows 7

Alert Issued 2/13/18 Killing Passwords in Windows 10 S is one of 7 big changes in Windows 10

Alert Issued 2/12/18 This Phishing Trick steals your Email and then Fools your Friends into Downloading Malware

Alert Issued 2/10/18 Equifax Breach may have Exposed More Data than First Thought

Alert Issued 2/9/18 73 Percent of Firms Fail Cybersecurity Readiness Tests

Alert Issued 2/9/18 2017 Smashed World’s Records for Most Data Breaches, Exposed Information

Alert Issued 2/8/18 Hacker Easily Bypasses Windows 10 Anti-ransomware Protection with this Trick

Alert Issued 2/8/18 42 Percent of the Most Popular Websites are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Alert Issued 2/7/18 Hackers Crack Smartphone Location Tracking – Even if You’ve Turned Off the GPS

Alert Issued 2/5/18 Microsoft goes after Windows Scareware that tries to Pressure You for Payment

Alert Issued 2/2/18 Fake tax returns? How Equifax, Data Breaches Increase the Risk of Fraud

Alert Issued 2/1/18 Millions of Fortune 500 Email Credentials Found on the Dark Web



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