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Cyber Alerts consists of unclassified information released through the FBI’s Infragard Task Force and online sources on cyber security.

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Alert Issued 9/14/18 Solid Password Practice on Capital One’s Site? Don’t Bank on It

Alert Issued 9/13/18 Security Flaw in Nearly All Modern PCs and Macs Exposes Encrypted Data

Alert Issued 9/12/18 Phished Credentials Caused Twice as Many Breaches than Malware in the Past Year

Alert Issued 9/12/18 Vizio to Send Class Notices Through the TVs That Spied on Viewers

Alert Issued 911/18 Data Management Firm Exposes 445 Million Records

Alert Issued 9/10/18 1 in 5 Employees Share Their Email Passwords with Coworkers

Alert Issued 9/7/18 Google Cracks Down on Dodgy Tech Support Ads

Alert Issued 9/6/18 Apple Warns of iPhone 8 Hardware Defect

Alert Issued 9/6/18 Hackers Increasingly Target Reputations Through Review Sites

Alert Issued 9/5/18 Google Notifies People Targeted by Secret FBI Investigation

Alert Issued 9/4/18 Smart Home Users Failing on Security Basics

Alert Issued 8/31/18 6.4 Billion Fake Emails Sent Every Day

Alert Issued 8/30/18 Yahoo Still Scans your Emails for Ads

Alert Issued 8/29/18 WhatsApp Warns that Google Drive Backups are not Encrypted

Alert Issued 8/28/18 Blocking Compromised Passwords

Alert Issued 8/27/18 Top Dark Web Drug Vendors Nabbed by Operation Darkness Falls

Alert Issued 8/24/18 Cybercrime Pulls in $1 Million Every Minute

Alert Issued 8/23/18 Facebook Audit Leads to the Suspension of 400 Apps

Alert Issued 8/22/18 Study from Vanderbilt Finds Google Tracking is even Creepier than you Thought

Alert Issued 8/20/18 DNS Requests Routinely Spied On

Alert Issued 8/18/18 How Hackers can Compromise Police Bodycams

Alert Issued 8/16/18 Open Sesame Bug Allows Anyone to Hack Windows 10 Using Just Their Voice

Alert Issued 8/15/18 Phishing Attacks Hit Financial Services, Tech Companies Hardest

Alert Issued 8/15/18 Google Keeps Tracking You Even When You Specifically Tell It Not To

Alert Issued 8/14/18 UK Issues Fortnite Warning over Pedophiles Grooming Children on the Game

Alert Issued 8/14/18 While Everyone Obsesses over Russia, China is Stealing our Data Blind

Alert Issued 8/13/18 Trading Apps Expose Investors to Cyber Criminals

Alert Issued 8/10/18 The PGA Possibly Infected With the BitPaymer Ransomware

Alert Issued 8/8/18 Phones at All Major US Carriers Filled with Vulnerabilities

Alert Issued 8/7/18 Pentagon Restricts Use of Fitness Trackers, Other Devices

Alert Issued 8/6/18 Health Records Put at Risk by Security Bugs

Alert Issued 8/5/18 FBI Provides IoT Security Tip Sheet

Alert Issued 8/2/18 Click on this iOS Phishing Scam and you will be Connected to Apple Care

Alert Issued 8/1/18 Starting at $40, Hackers can Attack your Business with Services Bought on the Dark Web

Alert Issued 7/31/18 NSA has YET to Fix Security Holes that Helped Snowden Leaks

Alert Issued 7/30/18 DHS Warns Companies Targeted on Dark Web

Alert Issued 7/26/18 Mozilla Engineer says Google Slowed YouTube Down on Non-Chrome Browsers

Alert Issued 7/26/18 Russian Hackers used Phishing Tools in 2017 Attack on Grid

Alert Issued 7/26/18 How Apps Could Be Sneaking Malware onto Your Phone

Alert Issued 7/25/18 The 10 Airports where your Phone is Most Likely to get Hacked

Alert Issued 7/24/18 States Slow to Prepare for Hacking Threats

Alert Issued 7/23/18 DHS: Russian Hackers got into Control Rooms of US Utilities

Alert Issued 7/22/18 35% of People Never Change Their Passwords

Alert Issued 7/20/18 BEC Scams and Real Estate Deals: How to Protect Yourself

Alert Issued 7/19/18 Pentagon Makes Massive New AI push for Tanks, Ships, Weapons, Drones and Networks

Alert Issued 7/19/18 Robocall Company Exposes Hundreds of Thousands of Voter Records

Alert Issued 7/18/18 NSA and Cyber Command to Coordinate Actions to Counter Russian Election Interference in 2018

Alert Issued 7/17/18 Twitter Suspends Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks Accounts after Indictments

Alert Issued 7/16/18 Hackers Steal Dead People’s Medical Records and Sell Them on the Dark Web

Alert Issued 7/13/18 Ticketmaster Breach was Part of Larger Credit Card Skimming Campaign

Alert Issued 7/12/18 Pentesters Probe Two Dozen .orgs and ALL Failed

Alert Issued 7/12/18 Apple’s iOS Passcode Cracking Defense can be Bypassed using a USB Accessory

Alert Issued 7/11/18 Macy’s Warns Customers about Recent Data Breach

Alert Issued 7/10/18 Twitter Suspended 70 Million Fake, Suspicious accounts in May & June

Alert Issued 7/9/18 How Hackers can Steal your Password with an Infrared Photo of your Keyboard

Alert Issued 7/6/18 This Password-Stealing Malware Just Added a New Way to Infect your PC

Alert Issued 7/5/18 Are Privacy and Personal Identity Impossible to Protect?

Alert Issued 7/3/18 Facebook Warns 800,000 Users it Accidentally Unblocked People They had Blocked

Alert Issued 7/3/18 Samsung Phone Owners: Your Phone May Leak your Private Pics to Random Contacts

Alert Issued 7/2/18 Hundreds of Hotels Affected by Data Breach at Hotel Booking Software Provider

Alert Issued 7/2/18 Facebook Shared User Data with 52 Tech Companies

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